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“Wisdom is the Right Use of Knowledge.”

  ~ Charles Spurgeon

What We Do


Whitespace Management Consulting Pte. Ltd. provides organisational development (OD) solutions to partner organisations for growth. We specialise in building culture, managing transitions and developing leaders. We believe that positive change can accelerate if there is an awakening to the potential that lies within individuals and systems. Possibilities are infinite when we draw from internal and external untapped grounds; human capital of all levels; and disciplined execution even within the white space.

Why White Space



White space can be defined as any area that falls outside the purview of formal structures. It can serve as a potential ground for innovations, deeper conversations and promising opportunities. On the contrary, if left mismanaged, white space may cause initiatives to “fall through the cracks” or even sabotage well-intentioned strategies. Find out more in our Reflections column on “Up Close with White Space” and understand how we can help ensure sustainability of interventions by managing the white space.

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​​Whitespace Management Consulting Pte. Ltd.

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Who We Are


Our founder, Irene Chia, is a Learning Organisation certified practitioner with two decades of professional experience working and consulting for more than 100 organisations in the public and private sectors. With her diverse background and training in Economics and Psychology, her goal is to bring about positive business outcomes through human capital. She does this by engaging individuals and teams and discerning how different systems and inter-related parts synergise. She has a knack for examining issues from different perspectives to ensure interventions are holistic and sustainable.

Irene partners a team of associate consultants and facilitators from diverse backgrounds, ranging from organisational psychologist, senior HR practitioner, academia, financial adviser to counsellor. The associates have a deep interest and experience in OD.

How We Work


Every client organisation is unique and brings with it strengths and challenges. We adopt a systemic and vision-focused approach when solutioning with clients, always considering the business case and psychology of people and team. 

The process we adopt begins with understanding the business case through awakening the potential within self and organisation, assessing evidence, acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, putting in place architecture to support it and actualising it through sheer discipline.

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