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Thousands of thoughts and ideas race through our minds every day. This column serves to capture our thinking, share our experiences and offer a platform for like-minded individuals to muse over learning.


Learning can only start when you are conscious of what you do not know.


Liberate your talents and let them soar as Strengths for you.


Discover what white space is and manage it before it manages you.


My journey as an entrepreneur.



          Managing the Achiever Talent Theme - Interview with Vivien


Dominant in Relationships Building Domain - Interview with Andy

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            Navigating the "Dance" of Coaching Strengths -                     Called to Coach by Irene Chia


CliftonStrengths: Foundation for Leadership Development                       by Suman Balani

My Coaching Journey.png

My Coaching Journey by Irene Chia

Coaching at work and in personal life.png

Coaching at Work and in Personal Life by Irene Chia

Using Emergenetics at work.png

Using Emergenetics at Work by Irene Chia

Enhance Coaching with Psychometric Tools1.png

Enhance Coaching with Psychometric Tools by Irene Chia

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