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"Happiness is a habit. Cultivate it."

Elbert Hubbard

Giving Back

WhiteSpace believes that all individuals possess the potential for positive change. By giving people tools like self-leadership skills, we can equip them to harness their personal white spaces. To this effect, WhiteSpace contributes its expertise and resources to organisations and individuals in four core areas - strategic advisory services, mentoring and coaching, leadership development and nurturing the next generation.


WhiteSpace founder, Ms Irene Chia, offers her experience as the Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board for Myanmar Business Answers and Micro Empire, to help alleviate poverty in Myanmar. Other strategic platforms to share her expertise include being a guest speaker at CPA Australia and the AWE Conference 2015 at Archippus Awakening.


As a mentor and coach, Irene trained industry professionals with "Tips and Treats of Mentorship" to prepare them to mentor graduating students. The programme would go on to help students navigate their career development and cultivate a positive mindset. This meaningful initiative was a collaboration with the Social Innovation Park and Institute of Technical Education in Singapore.

WhiteSpace is also contributing and making its presence felt in the region and internationally. Irene serves as a Mentor to undergraduate and post-graduate students at the University of Southern Queensland. In addition, she was a Guest Coach for Gallup’s First Learning Series for Strengths Coaches and a Strengths Coach with Kansas University.


In the area of leadership development, Irene volunteers and trains volunteers at Shine Kids of Tamar Village, Mercy Centre and St. George’s Residents. Expanding its giving to people and communities outside Singapore, WhiteSpace has availed its services in Mumbai in collaboration with the Singapore International Foundation as part of equipping NGOs with organisation management skills. Another initiative was assess lecturers at the University of Hanoi on their classroom facilitation skills. Efforts to impact other local communities include Community Trips to Bintan and Cambodia in partnership with Cairnhill Methodist Church.


WhiteSpace nurtures youths and children through donating proceeds received from its services and enabling financial support. Instances include offering the proceeds from the Roche’s Learning Festival to Shine Kids, a part of Tamar Village Ministry. We are privileged to count children at the AG Home and Singapore Children Society as beneficiaries of WhiteSpace. Irene volunteers as a Character First teacher at the Methodist Girls School and Career Etiquette speaker at St Margaret’s Secondary School.


WhiteSpace welcomes organisations and individuals to step forward to contribute or partner us in the endeavour to impact lives and communities in Singapore and globally. We believe in empowering people for positive changes one step at a time. Contact us for a discussion on meaningful ways to give together.


Here are some heartfelt notes from appreciative participants and recipients:


It was really good to listen to your short but succinct presentation on mentoring. I loved the video illustration of how positive approach and using your 5 tips can change the situation between mentor and mentee. Really appreciate your help at the session! All participants were inspired by your sharing. It was a fruitful session because of you!” -  Social Innovation Park


Influencing Irene, the best part of you is how you connected your own stories to help us in understanding.” -  I-Volunteer


We are blessed by your generous gift in and of teenage girls in crisis. Your gift enabled us to provide financial support to our needy residents in the form of topping up their MRT cards. This keeps them motivated to go to school and ensures that this basic need is met. Thank you for being sensitive to their needs.” -  AG Home

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