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Highlights of Irene's Experience

​Irene specialises in Organisational Development. She has facilitated a range of interventions including Strategic Visioning and Formulation to help leaders make linkage from vision to action, enhance employee engagement and accelerate performance through strengths development. She has led Work Planning and Performance Management projects, Culture Diagnostic and Culture Development as well as Team Interventions and Competency Building. She is certified in more than 16 psychometric tools to assess culture, interest, behaviours, brain dominance, personalities, relations orientation, talent, emotional intelligence and potential. She has trained about 100 organisations in the public and private sectors. She also provides transformative coaching on areas ranging from leadership development, career transitions to life purpose.
Leadership Development Programme

Designed and facilitated leadership development programme for managers at Alexandra Health (AH), AWWA, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), Ministry of Manpower (MOM), The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Areva T&D, Integrated Healthcare Information System (IHiS), Jurong Town Corporation, People's Association (PA), Roche (Technical Operation), Sumitomo Chemical and Monetary Authority of Singapore.
Conducted a series of leadership development centre for managers at the CAAS and assessment centre for scholars selection for the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Corporate Strategy Planning


Led corporate strategy planning for board, senior management and functional teams eg. Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Adval Brands, ACRA, Daimler (Mercedes Benz), Pfizer, Hemisphere Consulting, Singapore Land Authority, Singapore Subordinate Courts, Singapore University for Technology and Development and Info-communications Development of Singapore (IDA).

Coaching and Mentoring

Coached business owners, CEOs, PHD candidates, executives from organisations such as AIC, AWWA, Cargill, Fei Yue, HDB, MAS, NCSS, NYP, Rationale Cooking and WHC etc. Set up a system and trained mentors among the senior management and mentees managers. Eg. Perlos (LiteonMobile) in Beijing. Trained managers and staff of HDB on peer coaching. Provided coaching for Vice Principals of Ministry of Education from Peer Feedback as part of career development plans. Coached teams at Roche using Strengths to envision the future and strategise for workplan ahead. Mentored undergraduates on career planning and maximising potential.

Train-the-Trainers and Skills-based Training

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Delivered skills-based workshops on presentations, facilitation, performance management, competency-based interview, effective policy-making, conflict management, service experience, stress management, work-life harmony and innovation for staff, managers and in-house trainers. Eg. Agency of Integrated Care, AH, CPF, CAAS, HDB, Goodwood Park Hotel, IDA, Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Keppel Land, Ministry of Health, Singapore Tourism Board, Singhealth, Singtel, Syngenta, NTUC Income, People’s Association, Portek and UOB.

Team Development and Psychometric Tools Profiling

Provided team development interventions and personality profiling for in-tact teams of AIA, Boehringer Ingelheim, Carrier Transicold, Certis Cisco, Daimler, Dell-Care, IDA, IHiS, IMH, Kim Ann Engineering, PA, Republic Polytechnic, Roche (Technical Operations), MOM, NEC and Singapore Police Force. Some of these were integrated with activities such as cooking, painting and music-making.

End-to-End Organisational Culture Building

Developed the internal capacity of organisations to create, achieve and sustain its organisation mission more effectively in STB and PA. Designed interventions to transform an organisation, nurturing a new culture and helping employees understand the importance of being flexible and resilient in the changing environment; implementing new business and corporate processes; and revamping organisation image. Designed interventions for culture development for Singapore International Foundation and Ministry of Community and Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS).

Learning Organisation                                                                                                                                  


Facilitated series of learning organisation programmes for various organisations. For example, as part of leadership development programme and culture transformation for PA, building open culture for Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore and management development for senior management of STB and World Cafe for National Community Leadership Development community leaders. She is also part of the LO Practitioner Network where she co-organised the first World Cafe Asia.

Organisational Restructuring and Capability Development

Provided consultancy on organisational restructuring, capability development, competency-based interview, performance management, service experience eg. HDB, IHiS, IMH, ITE, MOH, NEA and RCI.

Work-Life Consulting

Provided work-life consultancy to MCYS to strategise public education and promotion efforts to raise awareness and impart skills to empower individuals towards harmonising the work and personal/family life. She had partnered with Ministry of Manpower, Singapore National Employers Federation and the Employers Alliance to strengthen the work-life agenda. She had also developed partnership with and assessed the performance of private work-life consultants and voluntary welfare organisations. She also collaborated with the Brigham Young University to conduct the very first National Study of Work-Life Harmony amongst other public education efforts such as like work-life seminar for CEOs.

General Management​​

Led multiple teams in business development, project management, policy-making, public affairs and community and social development. Part of various national committees including the Baby Bonus, Increasing Total Fertility Rate for Singapore and Remaking Singapore.

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